id: string

'id' of route or marker. This is not really a separate variable, but is included as part of many events. The id can be either the visible name or an immutable string which internally identifies the object. For example a route might be have a visible name of route 1 (which can be changed anytime by the user) but the same route or marker is also internally identified with the unique, immutable string 96160c8122e802417e510db5ca70ee3a.

You can use either of these for the id.

Also, the id can optionally be a regular expression, which allows multiple routes or markers to be matched.


// a particular route identified by its visible name (beware, a user can change this!)
"id": "route 1"

// the same route identified by a GUID (which is immutable)
// (to find this value, manually select the route before adding the `routeProperties` event)
"id": "96160c8122e802417e510db5ca70ee3a"

"id": ".*" // a regular expression matching ALL routes

"id": "K.*" // a regular expression matching all routes beginning with the capital letter `K`.