Function routeProperties

  • Change the properties of a route.


    • json: {
          color: string;
          depart: string;
          enableLockToMap: boolean;
          enabled: boolean;
          id: string;
          speed: number;
      } = ...
      • color: string

        string: The color of the route (optional)

      • depart: string

        string: The departure time as an ISO 8601 date time string (optional)

      • enableLockToMap: boolean

        boolean: If true, keep the route location centered on the map (optional)

      • enabled: boolean

        boolean: enable or disable the route from participating in time animations (optional)

      • id: string

        string: The id of the route. This is either the text name, the internal id, or a regular expression. (See id, below)

      • speed: number

        number: The speed of the route in knots (optional)

    Returns void




    "id": "route 1",
    "color": "#ff0000",
    "speed": 5,
    "depart": "2024-05-23T22:01:01.132Z",
    "enabled": true,
    "enableLockToMap": true